27th March 2021

A smartphone-based solution to reduce the risk of underground service strikes, improve the efficiency and productivity of works through removing the need for specialist surveys prior to reinstatements, and over time to improve the quality and accuracy of underground service data. AVUS combines Augmented Reality (AR) technology with an accurate GNSS antenna of +/- 5cm, to visualise and record underground assets, and enables:

  • On site visualisation of underground services in augmented reality prior to excavation
  • Site based setting out to a precison of +/- 5 cm 
  • Capture of accurate geospatial information of As-iss/ As- Built services before reinstatement 
  • On site visulisation of open excavations and buried assets post ground reinstatement 




  • Assists with the design of work, particularly in congested sites
  • Provides improved visibility of potential hazards; reducing the risk of service strikes
  • Enhances the record of work completed. Can be uploaded into clients’ systems
  • Enables better work planning; reducing the risk of aborted jobs
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