CWA Six year framework

27th March 2021


CWA is a joint venture designed to harness the unique capabilities and reach of the respective parent companies, Morrison Utility Services and AECOM; working together to deliver a highly efficient programme of works. Our contribution, making the necessary improvements required on Scotland’s ageing water network, will help improve water quality and ensure a continuous supply of water for Scottish Water customers, for the regulatory period up to 2021.
Our primary focus and responsibilities cover all capital maintenance, refurbishment and planned new-lay pipework throughout Scotland. To successfully deliver these projects, we utilise a range of techniques including flushing, cleaning and lining of existing water mains or mains replacement, to prolong the life of the existing water network. In addition, some projects involve upgrades to existing pumping stations and reservoirs. Each project contributes to the overall improvement of Scotland’s clean water network.
By undertaking this contract, as part of a joint venture, we facilitate collaboration both internally and with our client, enable design and construction teams to work together from project outset, develop robust designs and self-deliver construction and commissioning stages. The expertise and dedication demonstrated by our team on this contract, drives our delivery-focused ethos and collaborative working approach, thus facilitates a thriving team, creates an environment for growth and provides maximum advantage for Scottish Water. Driving cultural and behavioural change within our organisation, drawing on industry best practices from the water sector and others, helps us develop and optimise our service offering to Scottish Water.


  • Efficient Delivery & Collaboration – streamline operations, maximising performance, deliver on time and budget and minimising disruptions to customers
  • Operational Performance – increased initial workload, taking on up to 60% more capital value each year
  • Customer Experience – our Customer Experience Score ensures the customer is at the heart of every decision making process, from initial design through to project completion. Our team executed various customer orientated strategies resulting in an 80% reduction in unwanted contacts and 90% reduction in complaints received by our client
  • Community Engagement – we aim to leave positive
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