Repair & Maintenance, Developer Services & Metering

26th March 2021


As an established service partner to Yorkshire Water, Morrison Water Services focuses on delivering an outstanding service and has developed a reputation for collaboration and operational excellence. The contract is governed through a framework agreement management structure which requires engagement at both strategic and operational levels. At a strategic level Directors and Senior Managers from all parties meet quarterly to discuss future strategy, efficiencies, business performance and innovation strategy. At an operational level there are numerous forums, governed by the ‘One Team’ approach, which comprises of senior operational managers from Yorkshire Water, Morrison Utility Services and other service partners.


  • Continuous development and improvement made on the contract to maintain an industry standard for excellence 
  • Innovative solutions to ensure minimum disruption to key stakeholders
  • Close collaboration with Yorkshire Water, taking the leading role in One Team service delivery, health, safety and wellbeing and customer service
  • The living partnership approach with Yorkshire Water and other supply partners that involve fortnightly alliance meetings and weekly HUB meetings 
  • Constant review and measurement of key performance outcomes, driving ‘best in sector’ behaviours and attitudes
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