7th February 2023

The safety of our people and the public is of paramount importance to Morrison Water Services (MWS), a part of M Group Services’ Water Division.

With this in mind, Morrison Water Services, working with our partners Andrew Turner Inventions and Innoflow, has piloted an innovative pipeline installation technique which protects employee safety as well as increasing efficiency.

The installation of large-coiled HDPE pipe has historically posed a significant health and safety risk in the industry with incidents of bruising, lacerations, lost teeth, broken jaws and even a near fatality being reported.

Although the potential risk is with larger 180mm coiled pipe, the problem can persist on smaller coil sizes too.
The risk comes from the energy stored in the coiled pipe being released as it is unwound, causing unexpected movements or ‘whipping up’, with the potential to cause injury to operatives or members of the public.

This risk is exacerbated if the trailer is not tethered securely.

These issues have led to many companies banning the use of large diameter coiled pipe in favour of ‘stick’ installation methods. Stick installation uses pre-formed, rigid ‘sticks’ of pipe in small lengths of around six metres.

While this methodology is operationally safer, stick installation requires more excavation, takes longer to complete, and increases the risk of failure as the sections require welding together to form
continuous pipework.

Morrison Water Services, recognising these issues, has looked to our supply chain to find an innovative way to mitigate the risk to our people and the public.

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