Crimp Tool innovation eliminates risk of leaks from internal smart meter installations

4th November 2022

An innovation that has eliminated the risk of leaks for Morrison Water Services (MWS) installers on the Thames Water Smart Metering contract has been demonstrated to colleagues on the D?r Cymru Water Network (DCWW) Alliance recently.

The crimp tool is an innovative fitting that creates a 100% water-tight seal on internal plumbing without the use of traditional solder or compression fitting processes, eliminating potential risks. It cannot be undone, knocked or accidentally moved which could create a leak. Removing the need for hot work permits, it also reduces the risk of property damage for our clients’ customers.

Morrison Water Services’ DCWW Network Alliance has a large metering programme to deliver and the demonstration was an opportunity for the team to learn from the experiences of their Thames Water Smart Metering contract colleagues who have completed over a million crimp fittings to date.

James Ruff, Programme Manager for MWS and Mark Halpin, Plumbing Manager for MWS, demonstrated the crimp tool while sharing previous experiences of leaking seals from internal plumbing. They also discussed the issues caused due to leaking fittings from the use of traditional solder or compression fittings, which can lead to revisits to address leaks, and penalties that can be received due to damage within a customer’s property.

Mark Halpin said: “The crimp fitting is simple and quicker to install than traditional methods. Used correctly, it removes the risk of incorrect fitting.

“We have fitted over a million crimp fittings with 100% leak-free success. Before this, we exclusively used compression fittings and faced in more than 20 leaks a week, all causing unwanted damage to customer properties, which it was important to eliminate.”

Calum Foskett, ESG & Innovation Manager for M Group Services’ Water Division, said: “It is fantastic to see teams from different contracts sharing best practice and innovations. Collaboration like this across the division is fostering an environment where game-changing enhancements are implemented as widely as possible to benefit our clients and their customers.”

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