Our Morrison Water Services’ Yorkshire Water team go back to school.

7th March 2023

The team swapped the work site and office, for the playground recently when they went back to school in Leeds.

Our people have been working around the South Milford area recently and the curiosity of some of the younger residents after seeing the “big trucks” led South Milford Primary School’s Reception Class Teacher, Jade, to contact Yorkshire Water and Morrison Water Services.

Learning through play is a fantastic way for children to understand the world around them and after a few discussions, we arranged to bring a little bit of our world to the school for the reception class to explore.

Head of Customer Service, Kerry Barton, collated a team to transform an unused corner of South Milford Primary school’s playground into a mini construction site complete with barriers, signage, pop-up traffic cones, wooden pallets, warning tape, a measuring wheel, and a sand pit.

They also provided sections of blue pipe to connect and pour water through, plus swabs to use as spongey seats, and a large section of ducting to create a tunnel.

And, of course, we didn’t forget the PPE, making sure the little ones are thinking safety first with hard hats and high-visibility vests.

Kerry, Gavin Williams, Customer Services Manager, Reuben Horner, Site Manager and Rebecca Bracha, Communications Advisor, visited the school during half term to set up the site. Jade was excited to welcome her class to their new construction area and even recorded Donald Taylor, Stores Wagon Driver, using his grab wagon to show the children how the equipment and materials were delivered to the playground.

The class were delighted and sent in some photos of them enjoying their new area, with a note to say: “Thank you so much for our new construction area. The kids absolutely love it, we are so grateful.”


Kerry commented: “What we do day in day out is complicated and can be disruptive for the communities we work in, so when we have the chance to give something back to these communities it feels great.


“It’s fantastic to see the children playing in their new site and hopefully we are inspiring the next generation of engineers.”

Back to all.