A Science Lesson from Morrison Water Services’ STEM Ambassador

13th January 2022

Annette Ley, Quality & Compliance Manager at Morrison Water Services, recently took some time to visit a local school to educate Year 2 students about the water industry and what we do.

Engaging with the communities we help serve is a core aspect of all our work at Morrison Water Services and educating and inspiring the next generation is fundamental to this. Our Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) Ambassador Programme allows our people to pass on their knowledge and expertise to children and young people across the country.

Annette Ley, one of many STEM Ambassadors within Morrison Water Services, swapped the office for the classroom as she visited a local school. Annette had planned a science lesson for the Year 2 class, with the first part centred around the importance of clean water and how Morrison Water Services plays a vital role in helping to maintain the supply of water that flows to their homes. Annette explained how our people focus on performing their role as safely as possible, with the children getting to try on some PPE to help them understand its importance.

After a break, Annette showed photos of Morrison Water Services undertaking works, with the pupils intrigued by the images of plant, excavations and pipelines. When asked for ideas on how we might get a water pipe across a river, one of the children suggested a drill – prompting Annette to provide a simplified explanation of directional drilling. They then looked at some videos and photos of our teams helping to repair bursts and leaking pipes.

The pupils were then given the chance to get hands-on, getting to hold repair clamps, ferrules, water main sections, stop taps and small fittings.

Annette commented: “I was impressed with how insightful the children were when discussing how we might do things. I feel sure there were some budding engineers, designers, operatives and project managers amongst the class.”

Throughout Morrison Water Services, and across M Group Services, we aim to educate and inspire the next generation, and STEM Ambassadors like Annette are crucial for this. We aim to spark an interest in the STEM field in the minds of young people, and our STEM Ambassadors endeavour to offer an understanding of the work we do and a route into a STEM career. Further demonstrating this commitment to encourage young people to pursue a career in STEM, M Group Services recently announced its support of the Tomorrow’s Engineers Code.

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