Congratulations Nicola Grimes

19th July 2022

Nicola Grimes, Head of Technical Services at Morrison Water Services, has earned her Master of Laws (LLM) in Construction Law from the University of Strathclyde.

She studied for the qualification over the course of two years alongside her full-time position with the business.

The course allows professionals to learn about the industry’s legal framework and the processes involved in major construction projects, from commissioning to completion.

Studying for her Master’s has been hugely beneficial to Nicola.

Nicola said: “I have gained a greater understanding of the processes and management of construction projects. It has allowed me to learn about the importance of relationships between clients and contractors. I feel the course has given me the tools to enhance collaborative relationships with key stakeholders.

“The biggest challenge was trying to find the motivation to study during the first lockdown while also working from home. Both the office and University were closed, and it felt quite suffocating. I was glad when the office opened, and I could separate my work from my studies.

“Working full-time meant I had to be really disciplined to ensure I was free outside of work to complete assignments and study for my exams. I felt a real sense of achievement once I completed the final part of my course which was a 15,000-word dissertation. It was such a good feeling as all my free time was spent completing this.”

Now Nicola has graduated, she is looking forward to spending more time with family and friends. She said: “I would really like to climb Ben Nevis this year, weather permitting of course.”

The Master’s goes alongside Nicola’s Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Acoustics and Electronic Engineering as well as her Leadership and Management qualification from the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM).

David Sanderson, Executive Director at Morrison Water Services said: “We are absolutely delighted for Nicola in achieving her LLM in Construction Law, this is a fantastic achievement.

“Nicola has a pivotal role in the leadership team for the Delivery Vehicle 2 (DV2) Lot 4 (MEICA replacement) contract in Scotland and demonstrates the same strength and determination on a day-to-day basis for Morrison Water Services. As the contract matures, I am sure Nicola will continue to flourish and embrace the opportunities that lie ahead.”

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