Heroic Water Workers help injured women in Aberaeron

19th March 2024

We’d like to thank Layton Edgell and Osian Roberts, two of our fantastic operatives on our Dwr Cymru Welsh Water (DCWW) contract, for their quick thinking after coming to the rescue of a woman who had collapsed in the middle of the road in Aberaeron, Wales.

The two operatives were on route to a water pipe repair job when they saw the individual fall into the carriageway and sustain an injury. They immediately stopped their vehicle and fenced off the road to protect the person from other vehicles.

Using their knowledge of first aid, which all our operatives receive training on, the pair made sure the women was not moved, while applying a bandage for the head wound sustained.

The pair remained calm, staying with the individual and reassuring them that help was on the way, ahead of the paramedics arriving to take the woman to hospital.

After spending the night in hospital, the woman was thankfully able to return home.

Steve Gibbs, Area Director, said: “We pride ourselves in delivering our operations safely and it is great to see this mentality away from an active site. Layton and Osian acted quickly to ensure the safety of the member of the public and I highly commend them for this heroic act. Thank you both!”

At M Group Services, as part of our commitment to ‘It Starts with Me’ our behavioural safety initiative, we prioritise safety, making sure we look after our people, the public and the communities in which we work. In line with our commitment to safety, all our Morrison Water Services operatives have basic first aid training.

Well done to Layton and Osian for your quick thinking and heroic actions to support the public.

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