7th June 2023

We proudly celebrate collaboration across M Group Services. Recently, two of our Water Division businesses worked together to support our client, Scottish Water.

Morrison Water Services and PMP Utilities worked together to deliver specialist support on McDonald Road Sewage Pumping Station (SPS) in Edinburgh.

The Morrison Water Services’ DV2 Lot 4 team worked in partnership with PMP on a project to repair and upgrade two screw pumps in a chamber located under a school car park. This chamber is not easily accessible, being approximately nine metres underground.

PMP specialises in confined space and engineering expertise which was essential to help Morrison Water Services complete the project.

The Archimedes Screw Pump is a simple design which is over 2,500 years old. Put simply, it is like a corkscrew in a sealed tube, which moves water along the length of the tube when rotated in the correct direction. In reverse, it is used as a water turbine to generate electricity. Screw pumps are still widely used in many machines and items of plant to move material from one point to another. In the water industry, they are mainly used to lift sewage from low level sewers to a higher network, allowing gravity to push it along to the treatment plant.

Mark Fitchie, Pre-Construction Project Manager for the Morrison Water Services DV2 Lot 4 contract, said: “We are committed to helping our client. When they highlighted the underground essential work that needed to be carried out on McDonald Road, we knew our specialist mechanical engineering sister company PMP Utilities, also part of M Group Services’ Water Division, would be right for the job.

“Being a part of the Group means we can use all its capabilities. PMP’s unrivalled confined space and engineering expertise is exactly what’s needed to complete this project.”

Scott McCamley, Director of Operations for PMP in Scotland, said: “Our rope access trained specialist mechanical engineers and surveyors allow our teams to easily access underground assets to perform detailed condition assessments or undertake complex repairs in high-risk confined spaces. In this case, we had to descend 15 metres into the wet well to inspect the bottom screw bearing and determine the condition of the screw itself.

“PMP’s ability to perform these unique services across the UK, ensures we offer our clients a safe, efficient alternative to scaffolding or cranes and allows us to respond quickly to any situation.

“We are pleased our team can work with Morrison Water Services and the client to carry out necessary repair works to make sure the screw pumps are back in operation as quickly as possible, along with refurbished gearboxes and drive units.”

The team carried out letter drops, providing residents with information and important dates regarding the project.

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