MGJV Supporting The Construction Of Wheelchair Friendly Pathways In Local Community Garden.

3rd December 2021

Alongside their project in Chilmington Green, MGJV have been supporting the construction of important pathways in The Limes Community Garden. MGJV provided the personnel and machinery necessary to complete construction of a wheelchair friendly path through the garden. MGJV were happy to assist with the construction of the path, free of charge, as a way of giving something back to the local community. Local volunteers had begun digging the pathways earlier in the year, but progress had been halted due to the lockdown restrictions. After meeting with the community garden trustees, MGJV offered their plant equipment and skills to assist the garden volunteers in the construction of the much-needed paths. MGJV also levelled out tonnes of soil and provided assistance in purchasing the most suitable and cost-effective materials.  


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The MGJV team worked tirelessly to support the local volunteers – D&J Machine Operator, Dennis Fogarty, even continued to work on his days off to ensure the paths were completed.  

Construction of the pathways means the garden is now far more accessible and inclusive for residents, in particular wheelchair user Stefan, who had to watch the project develop through the garden’s fence due to the poor surface of the garden prior to Morrison Utility Services’ help. On 1 July 2020, five months after arriving to help with the project, Stefan was finally able to access the garden. 


Stuart Roy, Customer Liaison, commented: “MGJV has been working closely with Cllr Heather Hayward and the local community to minimise the impact on customers whilst the Chilmington Green sewer installation is carried out. When I was asked whether MGJV could assist with the construction of the wheelchair friendly path in the community garden, Darren and his crew were keen to help. The expertise and machinery provided by MGJV meant the path was completed in one week. Heather and her small team of volunteers were looking at potentially several weeks to complete this stage of their project. This successful collaboration has ensured The Limes Community Garden is inclusive to all those wanting to invest their time in its completion and maintenance.” 

Thank you and well done to the entire Morrison Water Services team, in particular Site Agent, Darren Wetherell; Customer Liaison, Stuart RoyD&J Machine Operator Denis Fogarty; Supervisor, Mick Page; and Hickey Machine Operator, Andy Mallaby who made so much of the project possible. 

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