Morrison Water Services apprentices help to restore Salford Quays

9th February 2024

At Morrison Water Services, we are incredibly proud of our apprentices, who have given back to the community in Salford, by volunteering to clean up the area surrounding the local quays.

After noticing pollution surrounding the quays, Nicholas Rawle, Chris Morris, Drew Kinsey and Nathan Brown, from our Dwr Cymru Welsh Water contract, wanted to do something to benefit the residents, as well as the wildlife living in and around the area.

Working with Salford City Council, alongside Mersey’s River Trust, the team worked to clean up the worst affected areas, removing items such as water bottles and shopping trolleys from the water.

Leading on the project, the team also made recommendations, identifying areas for repair and maintenance. This included some railings and walkways that could have been a hazard for pedestrians. These recommendations were taken by the council, with the repairs now having taken place.

To keep the local community up to date with the ongoing clean-up work, the group created a Facebook page so they could engage and offer personal insights. The group also created posters highlighting areas for improvement, working with local businesses to put them up to help raise awareness.

Nicholas Rawle, Water Network Apprentice at Morrison Water Services, said: “As a group we had the ambition to create a project which would enhance Morrison Water Services reputation. After discussion we decided to clean Salford Quays waterways as our apprentice community project.

“We approached this project with passion and drive, as the project lead, I took the reins of the project, setting out our vision and goals. Myself and my fellow cohort featuring Drew Kinsey, Nathan Brown, and Chris Morris, made an effort to clean the Salford Quays, managing to remove 12 black bags of debris from the quay and identified infrastructure to be improved by the council. We were blown away with the progress we made together and the essential part we all played in its delivery.

“We also made lasting connections with the Salford public and local council as well as the local MP for the area Rebecca Long-Bailey MP. We hope that what we have achieved will stand for future generations and help engage the local area and authorities to keep the quays clean.”

Steve Gibbs, Area Director at Morrison Water Services, said: “I am thrilled with all of the community work being done by our apprentices across Morrison Water Services, such as foodbanks and, in recent months, quay cleanup by the Welsh Water apprentices.

“I would like to personally thank Nicholas, Chris, Drew and Nathan for their dedication to cleaning up the quay and strengthening our relationship with our customer and the community in which we operate."

We would like to thank our apprentices for all their work to help the restoration of the Salford Quays area. At Morrison Water Services, we are committed to finding opportunities to support local communities, aligned with our Environmental, Sustainability and Governance (ESG) agenda.

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