Morrison Water Services commits to Social Recruitment Advocacy Group Charter

2nd October 2023

Morrison Water Services (MWS) is proud to announce that it has achieved gold status for its commitment to the Social Recruitment Advocacy Group Charter.

The Social Recruitment Advocacy Group, led by skills and training business, People Plus, encourages a greater focus by businesses to recruit those who face barriers to the labour market.

MWS recognises that by embracing diversity, promoting equal opportunities, and supporting individuals, it strengthens its workforce and creates a positive impact on the communities it serves.

Achieving gold status reflects the work MWS has already done to commit to the charter, including making sure it has a recruitment process that welcomes and supports individuals who face disadvantages in the jobs market, offering skills development opportunities, creating community engagement and ensuring ESG integration.

Dr Craig Corrigan, the Secretariat to the Social Recruitment Advocacy Group, on behalf of the PeoplePlus team and fellow members of the #SRAG collective, said: “It is superb to have MWS as such a committed and pro-active member of our Social Recruitment Advocacy Group. Jen Goldsworthy, Recruitment Manager at MWS, is focused on supporting a wider and more diverse talent pool of people into employment and we are fortunate to have her industry insight, work ethic and professionalism within the group. We look forward to continuing working with MWS to enable greater opportunities for all.”

MWS has already seen success in recruitment through the Social Recruitment Advocacy Group. David Puckey, Customer Service Provider, found his role through the Charter. Searching for a job that could cater to his health conditions following two strokes, David found PeoplePlus through the job centre. PeoplePlus spoke to him about a position in the MWS Customer Service team, a home working role with all training and equipment provided.

Speaking on finding his role, David said: “In my role I speak to customers every day, which is great as I had always worked in customer focused roles. I am making appointments for Thames Water customers to have their meters fitted. It’s quite varied and I speak to lots of different people! The working hours work really well for me, too.

“Since I have been working with MWS I have achieved the highest number of customer satisfaction scores and have been the top performer two months running. I have also received some WOW awards too!

“I am grateful for the opportunity that I have been given by MWS, and I wouldn’t have had this opportunity if it hadn’t been for its partnership with People Plus.”

At M Group Services we are committed to attracting, retaining, and developing the next generation of highly skilled, forward-thinking, and technically competent people. Morrison Water Services is committed to making a positive and lasting impact the environment, its workforce, and the communities it serves as part of its commitment to ESG.

For more information on the Social Recruitment Advocacy Group, please visit: Social Recruitment Advocacy Group | PeoplePlus

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