Morrison Water Services Extends Relationship with Yorkshire Water Following Clean Water Network Repair & Maintenance Framework Award

22nd March 2021


Morrison Water Services, the UK’s largest dedicated utility service provider and part of M Group Services, is extending one of its longest client partnerships after being awarded a place on Yorkshire Water’s AMP7 clean water network repair and maintenance (Water Services Partnership) framework. MWS has been awarded a place on Lot 2: Emergency and planned reactive works; and Lot 4: metering work. The initial contract term for both Lots is four years, with a further four-year extension option. The scope of work for Lot 2 will include the management and delivery of mains diversions, repairs and replacement (including trunk mains), stop taps, replacement and repairs of supply and communications pipes, as well as the replacement and installation of valves, hydrants and ferrules, bulk meters and lead pipes. It will also include network operation and maintenance, together with leakage detection. The Lot 4 metering work will include the procurement and storage of meters, domestic and non-domestic meter replacement, installation and repair, domestic and non-domestic internal plumbing work and meter reading.

The work will be delivered across Yorkshire Water’s central, northern and eastern geographic regions. Director of Water Service Delivery at Yorkshire Water, Neil Dewis, said: “The new contracts will create a competitive, dynamic, and resilient service that rewards exceptional performance, nurtures innovation, and supports us in delivering against our AMP7 performance commitments.

“The new Water Services Partnership will allow us to improve on many levels. In the longer term it will help us to drive more innovation in the industry, and in the shorter term it will allow us to continuously improve service for our customers and for Yorkshire as a whole.”

Rachel Vincent, Contract Director, Morrison Water Services, added: “We are immensely proud to have worked in partnership with Yorkshire Water for so many years and this contract award demonstrates a show of faith in the collaborative service we provide. To retain such a key and strategic partner in Yorkshire Water is fantastic news and enables us to continue to do what we have been doing for over 20 years, including these current unprecedented times, providing essential services for the people of Yorkshire by the people of Yorkshire.”  

Scott Beard, Executive Director, Morrison Water Services, commented: “We are delighted to have secured this contract award that extends our long-term partnership with Yorkshire Water. This provides us with a fantastic opportunity to make a real difference as Yorkshire Water continues to evolve its water services model. We will work collaboratively to innovate for change, looking to identify transformative ways of working that will drive new operational efficiencies, reduce disruption and add value to Yorkshire Water’s customer experience.”

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