Morrison Water Services reduces sewage discharge in Whitby

23rd May 2024

Morrison Water Services (MWS) is working with its client, Yorkshire Water, to carry out a surface water separation scheme as part of the Storm Spill Reduction Programme (SSRP) across the region.

The project, taking place in the popular bathing beach, Whitby, is part of a two-year, £180m investment by Yorkshire Water across the county, to reduce discharges from storm overflows by April 2025.

The surface water separation scheme will consist of laying approximately one kilometre of new surface water sewer, taking flows from both the highway and domestic drainage in the area.

This will provide further hydraulic capacity to the combined sewer, as well as ensuring a reduction in discharges via the storm overflow in times of heavy or prolonged rainfall.

Collaborating with key stakeholders has been, and continues to be integral throughout the project. Listening to the local council and resident’s needs allowed the MWS’ team to formulate a plan for an early project start. Splitting the scheme across two phases, with a pause point over the summer months, has accelerated the delivery and brought forward the completion.

The £1.3m scheme investment is scheduled to be completed in October.

Speaking on the project, Martin Cooper, Head of Programme Delivery at Morrison Water Services, said:

“The Whitby Esplanade Project is at the start of a challenging delivery programme and one we are delighted to be part of with Yorkshire Water. The team, led by Project Manager Matt Piper, are progressing extremely well in the first phase of the works, which is credit to all involved.

“The overall Storm Spill Reduction Programme is something we as Morrison Water Services are extremely proud of, as it is providing real environmental benefits across the region.”

Lee Boshell, Capital Programme Delivery Manager at Yorkshire Water, said:

“Esplanade is a great example of Yorkshire Water and MWS working together with our stakeholders to deliver the benefits for the customers of Yorkshire. By working with the local council and residents MWS are on track to deliver this scheme ahead of schedule.

“On the wider SSRP, MWS continue to drive new solutions and are on track to deliver their share of the projects on time and with the expected benefits.”

Across M Group Services, we are passionate about developing sustainable solutions with our clients, in line with our Environmental, social and governance (ESG) commitments.

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