Morrison Water Services will be attending the Drinking Water Quality Conference

22nd September 2022

Morrison Water Services is attending the Drinking Water Quality Conference on Wednesday 5 October at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole to showcase our ePIPE lining system as well as other technologies.

This pipe restoration technology was originally developed in the USA for pin-hole customer leakage and has been adapted for the UK market to address not only this but lead water quality issues in service pipes.

This technology provides Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) and Water Regulations Approval Scheme (WRAS) approved durable epoxy lining for small diameter pipes offering a long-lasting barrier between the old pipe material and the water in the pipes.

As a viable alternative to complete pipe replacement, ePIPE offers renovation technology which, when used in a major pilot study for Wessex Water in Bath earlier this year, saw lead levels reduced by 79% to ensure compliance with water quality standards.

Using ePIPE technology provides a more cost-effective and sustainable solution compared with traditional lead service pipe replacement methods being used for both buried service pipes as well as internal piping in buildings.

The feedback on this technology has been incredibly positive and the benefits are clear to see.

ePIPE provides:

  • Effective restoration of existing pipework; providing another 50-year life span.
  • A durable barrier between the pipe and the drinking water supply, blocking lead, discoloration ensuring improving water quality compliance.
  • Lining for the full length of the service connection to the main through to the customer’s internal stop-tap.
  • Lining that seals any pin-holes in the pipe; reducing customer side leakage.
  • A trenchless method which significantly reduces excavation minimising disruption, potential complaints and liability with no need to, for example, disrupt front gardens or the building fabric.
  • Minimal interruption to customers’ water supplies during application process.
  • Significant carbon footprint improvement: ePIPE requires only a single visit, extends asset life and does not require new plastic pipes to be installed or old lead pipes to be removed.

We are looking forward to sharing more information about ePIPE technology with those attending the Drinking Water Quality Conference next month.

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