PMP Utilities and Morrison Water Services works to mitigate against leakage in Hackney

18th December 2023

We proudly celebrate collaboration across M Group Services. Recently, two of our Water Division businesses worked together to support our client, Thames Water.

PMP Utilities and Morrison Water Services worked together to deliver specialist support to strengthen three strategic trunk main water pipes in Hackney, London.

Morrison Water Services used the Die Draw method, an innovative technology, allowing the plastic liner to be pulled through at either end of the straight sections of the existing pipe. This method reduced the need for long road and rail closures, as well as noisy construction work.

Working with Morrison Water Services (MWS) and Thames Water, PMP Utilities carried out a visual survey of the whole main, prior to the Die Draw liner being pulled through, to ensure no obstructions, which may have caused delays to the programme. Its Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA) trained operatives and supervisors enhance PMP Utilities’ expertise in confined-space and rope access work, ensuring work was completed in a timely and effective way.

In one section of the pipeline, there was a bend that was too tight for the Die Draw liner to be pulled through. To mitigate against leakage in this section, PMP Utilities worked to install its innovative AMEX-10, a no-dig patented low profile non-structural mechanical seal for the internal repair of leaking joints, radial cracks and isolated damage in pipelines, on 35 joints.

Thames Water is committed to upgrading its network of ageing pipes, to reduce leakage across London. The innovative methods used by both businesses has renewed the existing 150-year-old pipe, reducing the risk of future leaks, while giving the largest possible capacity for water. This work ensures Thames Water can safely transport water to its customers, while reducing the environmental impact that arises from pipe leaks and the frequency of costly emergency repair works.

Minimising the impact on the community, the innovative methods used have reduced disruption in an area that hosts events at the nearby Arsenal Football Ground and Finsbury Park.

Iain Sutherland, Managing Director of M Group Services’ Water Division, said: “It’s great to see two of the Divisions’ operating businesses working collaboratively. Being part of M Group Services makes it possible to utilise the capabilities of its other operating businesses to ensure the best delivery for our clients.”

Esther Sharples, Operations Director for London at Thames Water said: “We’re committed to upgrading our ageing network of pipes and reducing leakage across the capital. This multi-million-pound upgrade will ensure we build resilience for London’s future water supply and is a testament to our collaborative approach.”

At M Group Services we are committed to using sustainable and innovative solutions in our daily operations, as well as finding long-term solutions that benefit both our clients, the community and the environment.

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