Presenting our Scottish annual senior leadership conference

27th September 2022

Today we are here at the annual senior leadership conference for the M Group Services Water Division – Scotland with representatives from Morrison Water Services, ID Systems and I&C. Presentations were led by Executive Director for Scotland, David Sanderson, Regional Head of SHEQ (Scotland), Marion Perston, Managing Director at ID Systems, Iain Doherty and Chief Operating Officer at Caledonia Water Alliance (an MWS & AECOM joint venture), Euan Kerr. The conference began with David Sanderson reflecting on the past two years of business, followed by our continued expansion across the north and our on-going bid work.



The event continued discussion on topics such as our vision and values, a breakdown of M Group Services’ performance over the last financial year and our future forecast for the next five years. In addition to an update on our SHEQ strategy, we also focussed on ESG and delivery, in particular, highlighting our people and creating a sustainable workforce. The session ended with table discussions and Q&A sessions. This was a great social networking opportunity for everyone and the feedback from the event has been exceptional. We would like to thank everyone who came and supported the event.

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