Star of the Month

30th November 2021

November’s Star of the Month award goes to Matthew Poole, a Senior Site Manager on the United Utilities contract.
Whilst at a pre-site meeting with the local council inspector, Matthew noticed a nearby member of the public fall. Matthew immediately sprang into action and went straight over to help the injured gentleman.
Matthew noticed that the elderly gentleman had blood on his hands and knees, so he proceeded to sit him down in the closest bus stop, out of the rain. It was at this point that it became clear the man had fallen and landed on a glass bottle that was in his bag. Matthew ran over to the nearby shop and asked for a first aid kit, and with the help of another passer-by, cleaned his injury and bandaged it up. The other member of public then took the gentleman to the hospital.
Ian Poole, Operations Manager at Morrison Water Services, commented: “Matthew’s actions in assisting an injured member of the public was great to see. Safety is our priority at Morrison Water Services, and this extends beyond our own people to the communities that we serve, and Matthew perfectly exemplified this.” At Morrison Water Services, safety and integrity are two of our core values, and Matthew displayed these in his actions. By rushing to the aid of the injured gentleman, Matthew highlighted how we prioritise the safety of everyone who comes into contact with our work.

From everyone here, thank you and well done, Matthew!
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