Uncovering ancient history at Yorkshire Water’s Full Sutton project

8th July 2024

Recently, our team has been working on-site in Yorkshire, alongside archaeologists who have been uncovering ancient history!

Our team has been working with client Yorkshire Water to install a new 5.2km rising main, two 14m deep shafts, and a sewage pumping station which will serve a new prison near Full Sutton, East Riding.

Before works could commence, Ecus Archaeology uncovered three new sites that have provided an exciting glimpse into the prehistoric and early historic past of the local area. The recorded remains and material recovered will be used for essential data, helping to give an insight into life in the area thousands of years ago.

Discovered in the vicinity of Full Sutton was human remains, possibly buried as part of a ritual. The buried individual was placed in a pit in a foetal position, with the grave surrounded by a ring gully.

These prehistoric traditions are known from similar monuments, or ‘round barrows’, discovered both in Yorkshire and throughout the UK. Such monuments are usually of a Later Neolithic or earlier Bronze Age date and were covered by a dome-shaped mound of earth or stone. This evidence tells us that the Full Sutton example could be approximately 4,500 years old.

Our team has continued to make great progress with the project, ensuring we engage with the archaeologist continuously throughout our work. Recently, we have installed the new rising main and will be moving on to complete works at the new sewage pumping station.

Speaking on the project, Sam Rea, Operations Manager, at Morrison Water Services, said: “It’s been an interesting project to say the least, with the several interesting archaeological finds we have found along the way including human remains, a roman road and an Edward VII commemorative medal. The works are progressing nicely with the rising main completed and expected completion date of late July for the pumping station. With the help of an amazing team, Simon Stebbings (MWS Project Manager) delivering the project with no significant incidents, on time and within budget”.

Across Morrison Water Services, we are passionate about working alongside our clients to protect the environments in which we work.

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